Installation Instructions For Firestone Airbags

Air bags, besides published as air springs, stablize the suspension of a vehivle.

Firestone's air bags, as well avowed as air springs, are not the puffy pillows that the expression "airbag" brings to attitude. Instead of protecting you after an accident, Firestone air bags are expanded viable to balm you avoid an accident altogether. Firestone air springs are installed on your automobile's suspension. They serve to deposit your van's suspension akin and thus prevent it from bottoming gone. Furthermore, they aid regular off-center loads and establish a augmented steady propel.


1.6. Attach the lower brackets to the car axle. Align the lower bracket screw holes with the screw holes of an axle strap.

Assign the heat shield over the muffler on the top of your passenger's side air spring. Levy your upper bracket over the heat shield. Range all screw holes and secure the shield, the bracket and the air spring by screwing 3/8-inch bolts completed the screw holes.

3. Handle the exact equivalent meeting course to cause the Chauffeur's side air spring.

4. Remove the two rubber bumpers bolted to your machine's frame above its rear axle. One is above the Chauffeur's side spin. The other is above the passenger's side spin. They can both be removed by unscrewing the 3/8-inch bolts that secure them to the frame.

5. Place both the driver's side and passenger's side air springs in the place where the rubber bumpers once were. Secure them to the frame by reattaching the 3/8-inch bolts through the upper bracket screw holes of the air spring and securing them to the car frame.

Attach your lower bracket to the backside of your passenger's side air spring. Rank the ready-made screw holes on the bracket with the screw holes on the air spring. Secure the bracket to the air spring by screwing 3/8-inch bolts through the screw holes.2. Wrap the axle strap around the axle, then secure it to the lower bracket with 3/8-inch bolts. Repeat this process for both the driver's side and passenger's side air springs.