Install Window Tint On Stationary Glass

Tinting your vehicle windows reduces ultraviolet rays and protects the interior of your vehivle as you benefit an Component of privacy.1. Disinfected the glass thoroughly before applying the tint. Avail a frank ammonia-based window cleaner with no additives.

Window tint and reduces the inside fogging on the side and rear windows. Proceed from some guidelines when you're installing the tint by yourself.


Spray and brush both sides of the window distinct times to bring about undeniable all residue concern is out. Anything left under the tint Testament be permanent.

2. Tape movie, with its protective involve even attached, to the inside of the window, production confident it extends at least ? inch on all sides. This is your example, so avow Sufficiently excess all over the edges to trim subsequent. Chop the model with the razor dirk.

3. Separate the film from the backing by using two pieces of masking tape and sticking one small piece on each side of one corner. The tape will allow you to pull the tint film from its backing without damaging the film itself.

4. Spray a fine water mist on the inside of the vehicle's window and apply the tint, moving it around and smoothing out any ripples, bubble or creases. You can only move it while it is wet; once it sets, it is permanent so work quickly.

5. Cut the excess tint film from the edges of the window with the razor knife. If the film resists, it's not dry enough. Wait until you can cut without tearing the film for a finished edge.