Info On Vintage Travel Trailers

Airstream trailers keep at to be a usual camping accommodation.

Vintage navigation trailers are generally considered camping trailers manufactured before 1970, although some owners regard 1970s models vintage extremely. Airstream trailers exemplify the American-made luxury trailer used by families because the 1930s. The Shasta, manufactured in Los Angeles, first represented the economy imitation. Nowadays, many vintage trailers are refurbished and returned to their authentic argument of serving as camping accommodation, albeit with fashionable amenities.


The travel trailer has been environing as faraway as the machine. When the motorcar gave families mobility, camping began the late American pastime. These trailers at the front featured a little dining table and Look-alike seats in which the table could be dropped to seat constant to serve as a banal Bedstead. A canvas Bedstead was lenghty above to serve in a bunk Bedstead configuration. A larger Bedstead was at the rear of the trailer. A immature sink and storage were located in the mid-section.

Postwar Era

A building boom in the globetrotting trailer occurred in the senility these days later Earth Strife II when housing for returning U.S. servicemen was at a premium. The Los Angeles-based Shasta expanded its development of building impermanent residence for families to overnight trailers. The convention specialized in 12- to 16-foot trailers. By 1914, automobiles hauling camping outfits were not an few Place. In 1916, the Shattuck tent trailers were the front Bulk produced trailer developed by William Shattuck. Other early versions included the 1930 Travellers Daydream, which was manufactured by the Iowa Wrecking Co. from spare automobile parts and sold for $495, according to Popup Camper. Rare of these little trailers featured toilets. Industry of the Shasta ended in 2004.


Airstreams are probably the most popular and recognizable vintage travel trailer still on the road in 2010. Created by Wally Byam, the Airstream debuted in 1934 and was named the Airstream because it took to the open road like a "a stream of air." Two years later the Airstream Clipper was unveiled. It featured the now-legendary monocoque aluminum body that was riveted similar to an aircraft fuselage. The travel trailer could sleep four with the steel-frame dinette area converting to a bed. It also featured an enclosed galley, electrical lighting and a water tank. A dry ice system was employed for air conditioning.


Restoring a vintage travel trailer is performed in analogous way as a vintage automobile. But refurnishing an old trailer may even start with less of the original components as long as the frame and enough photographic documentation and specifications are available to flesh out the project. Many professional restorers have access to NOS (New Old Stock) and reproduction parts, hardware, lighting, the proper woods, upholstery fabric, aluminum trim and linoleum flooring to restore a vintage travel trailer to its original look and specifications.


Most buyers of restored vintage travel trailers prefer the trailer be equipped with contemporary amenities. Professional vintage trailer restorers can add 21st-century technology without compromising the vintage look of the unit. For instance, a television, DVD player and even a computer hutch can be well hidden behind vintage cabinets.