Good Reputation For The Scooter

Increasingly scooters are seen on the streets at the moment.

National Exposure

The use of scooters got national exposure when Audrey Hepburn and Gregory Peck rode one in the movie "Roman Holiday." After that, scooters were used in many ads and commercial.

Japanese Contributions

The First Real Scooter

The beginning mass-produced scooter came from Hildebrand & Wolfmueller in 1894. It was a indubitable two-wheel motorized vehicle.


The Vespa was introduced to the world after World War II and set a new standard for scooters. It was developed by an Italian company, Piaggio, in 1946.


Not long after the Vespa, another Italian, Ferdinando Innocenti, created the Lambretta. It became popular because of its incredible gas mileage (120 mpg).

Not matchless are they entertaining, they are as well augmented economically and environmentally benign than many other forms of transportation. On the contrary, the basic scooter was authentic altered from what we distinguish of nowadays. It dates back to 1840, and was pedal-driven bicycle created by a Scotsman, Kirkpatrick McMillan.

Before the mid 1980s, Vespas and Lambrettas were still the main two scooters sold around the world. Honda and Yamaha introduced their versions (Elite and Riva, respectively) and dominated the USA market.