Get Yourself A Disabled Parking Permit In Kentucky

You can operate for a disabled parking placard or disability licence plate provided you are a disabled community of Kentucky. Take the application form to your county clerk who attests to your disability if you are obviously disabled. If you are not visibly disabled, take the application to your physician who must certify the nature of your disability and whether it is temporary or permanent.4.

1. Clinch that you qualify as disabled under homeland of Kentucky rules and regulations as outlined on the Kentucky Legislature website. Qualifying conditions bear severe visual impairment, chronic emotions example, emphysema, paralysis, limb amputation or arthritis.

2. Download and print the use for either a disabled parking advert Anatomy TC96-204, or for disability license plates Contour TC96-205, from your county Employee's website. Complete the information required from applicants in section one of the form.

3. To qualify as disabled, either your county Employee must certify that you are obviously disabled or your Doctor must favor certification that you acquire a mobility impairment. Scan on to memorize corral a disabled parking accord in Kentucky.


Receive the disabled parking permits from the county clerk. You are eligible for a second disabled parking placard if you have not applied for or received a disability license plate. There is no charge for the placards and they are valid for two years.