Fresh paint A Patina Container

Picture a patina container makes it observe cherish aged copper.

If an area gets too much paint, dab it away with a clean piece of cheesecloth.6. Allow the paint to dry Day and night before using the container. Instead of spending lots of cabbage on absolute copper patina containers, dash off your own by representation a faux patina finish on an inexpensive or recycled container.


1. Sand the container's surface lightly to deed the surface some tooth. This Testament support the gloss to adhere to the surface.

2. Stain the container's surface and let dry. This Testament be the undercoat which Testament peek on ice the patina. Whether the container surface much shows wound up, operate a moment coat after the inaugural has dried. A common base color is dark to medium green.

3. Pour some of one or two colors of paint chosen for the patina. This can be as simple as white to go over a dark green base-coat or a blend of greens over a stone base coat. This mimics the common colors of copper patina: shades from green to white.

4. Scrunch up a large piece of cheesecloth (enough to fit in your hand) into a loose ball. Dip the cloth into the paint, picking up some paint. If using two or more colors, pick up a little of each color. Dab the cloth onto some paper towel or heavy paper sack if you've picked up too much.

5. Dab the paint onto the container's surface lightly. Continue over the surface until it is covered but still the base coat shows through.Representation a container with a patina Stop is a mode used in faux illustration. A model coat is followed by a top coat that is applied lightly. The finished appearance looks in agreement to factual patina that develops over copper pots after they hog been allot away in the weather.