Fresh paint Job Types For Cars

Patina beats tint, hands down.

Van customization has progressed far beyond a examination of colour. The type of gloss one chooses to adoption ofttimes says as all the more or besides approximately the vehivle owner's personality than colour alone.


This paint type is prized for its deep shine and fast drying time, but requires the use of environmentally unfriendly solvents.


Many paint jobs use a fine metallic or pearl dust to give extra sparkle and depth.

Nitrocellulose lacquer is the oldest machine stain even in apply nowadays. This biological tint was used on the elementary automobiles, and was prized for its deep shine and opaque color.

Acryllics Lacquers

Multicolored, glitter-like metallics were once the rage, but subtle colored pearls are more in style now.

New Trends

One of the hottest trends in the paint market today is the usage of so-called "suede" paint. This intentional semi-gloss uses a flattening agent to take a bit of shine out of the clear coat, giving any vehicle so applied a more primal appearance.


Always check with your paint manufacturer for interactions between new paint and old. Many of the solvents used in modern paints will dissolve older finishes if applied over them.