Determine The Fair Market Price Of The Vehicle

There are confident times when you Testament compulsion to cognize the fair market value of your vehicle. Whether you are getting ready to Commerce the vehicle in for a inexperienced machine, For example, you Testament thirst for to be informed the trade-in price before you impress to the vehivle quota. Whether you are selling the vehicle yourself or giving it gone to charity, you Testament essential to be acquainted the private class fee of your vehicle. Kelly Moody Publication makes it too clean to figure the fair market value of a vehicle condign on its website.


1. Commit to paper down your automobile's milage.5. Add all of the car's details. The next few pages is where you will put in the mileage, plus engine type, transmission type and more. If you have your owner's manual with you, the questions will be easy to reply.

Go to the Kelley Blue Book homepage (see Resources), and click on "Year, Make and Model" under "Used Cars." This will start you through the process of determining your car's fair market value.

3. Select the year of your vehicle and the vehicle's make and model. Click "Go" to continue through the process.

4. Choose the fair market value that you want the system to display. Select "Trade-In Value" if you are about to take it to a car lot, or "Private Party Value" if you will be selling the car or giving it away.

While you are in there, grab your owner's manual. You might need it later.2. Enter your Zip code when it is requested. Your car value does vary by location.

6. Rate the condition of your car. You will rate the exterior condition, interior condition and mechanical condition. If you aren't sure where your vehicle falls, there is a "Get Help" option that will explain in more detail decide on a rating for your car. When you are finished, click "Get Pricing Report." This will give you your requested car value. This page can be printed for your tax records.