Cut Safety Glass In Oven Doorways

Section Safety Glass in Oven Doors

The glass endow in oven doors is not safety glass, as one may expect. Truly, it is heat-resistant glass that Testament crack and shatter adoration public glass. Installing safety glass Testament eliminate shattering. Instead, it cracks into petite spiderweb-like chunks. Glass can easily be reduce in either straight lines or curves using this disposal.2. Race the carbide tip along the line of the cut. You need not press very hard.

The adjustment for cutting oven door glass is equitable enjoy cutting other types of stage glass.


1. Employ the permanent marker to point a wrinkle for the cuts.

All you need is a scratch. If you want a straight line, use the edge of the yard or meter stick as a straight edge to guide your cutter along the line.

3. Use one hand and the pliers in the other hand to hod the glass on either side of your score line. Bend the glass to break it into two pieces along the score mark. The pieces will come apart without much effort.

4. Use the sandpaper to smooth out the cut edges, if desired