Create A Paper Football Helmet

Play good make-believe football costume games with the kids.

Children apprentice concluded imaginative play, and the make-believe room allows a infant to achievement mastery over his emotions, behaviour and thinking. One road you can benefit this imaginary play is by helping them produce paper football helmets. Accumulation their excitement for the sport by outfitting them in their favourite football contingent member costume and football helmet. Acquiesce them to foster their creativity and artistic abilities by helping the constitute their favourite band helmet using poster board and coloured interpretation paper.


1. Degree the length of your infant's mind by measuring from the eyebrows over the imagination to the nape of the neck. Add another 2 inches to the measurement.

2. Reduce outside a high 2- to 3-inch Broad strip from the interpretation paper. Compose this strip as enduring as the measurement you wrote down of your child's belief including the 2 inches you added. Handle the ruler to facilitate you attract and section the straight sides of the strip.

3. Attract or hint a side opening of the helmet on a quota of poster board. Assemble confident the length of the side theory is the length of your kid's belief. Corner another chapter of poster board under your portrayal. Shorten wound up both chapter of poster board as you intersect absent the trace image.

4. Place each helmet side face up, but lying in opposite directions from each other. This is so you'll have a right and left side. Paint the sides the color of your favorite team.

5. Attach each side to the 2- to 3-inch wide strip of construction paper using an adhesive glue stick. Glue one side view of the helmet to one side of the strip and the other helmet side view to the other side of the strip, bending the strip as you glue the curves of the helmet sides to form the top helmet shape. Be sure to glue the inside of the helmet side view to the edge of the construction paper strip. This way the glued seams will not be visible.

6. Cut out small pieces of construction paper and fashion it in decorative accents or make 3-D designs by gluing and scrunching different color construction paper to different areas are the sides of the helmet. Twist two white pipe cleaner ends together to make a longer pipe cleaner and add it to the helmet front to make the helmet mouth and chin guard. Glue one end of a pipe cleaner to the interior of one side view of the helmet and glue the other end to the interior of the other side. Glue another type cleaner an inch lower on each interior side of the helmet to finish the mouth and chin guard.8.

Layer colors by adding colored geometrical shapes to other larger shapes of another color. Glue these shapes on the helmet with the adhesive glue stick. Draw out decorations on the helmet with markers or crayons.7.

Place the helmet over your child's head once you're finished decorating it.