Condition Of Maine Auto Title Needs

Maine requires vehicle owners to utilize for a certificate of label within 30 days of purchasing their vehicles.

Maine offers assorted classes of label including titles for accepted automobiles and warranty titles for specialized categories. According to the Office of Engine Vehicles, applications for Maine certificates of reputation are available wound up department help throughout the kingdom and the leading employment in Augusta. Send completed applications, the applicable payment, and the preceding term to one of the locations.

Certificate of Title

Maine requires most vehicle owners to stipend a $33 bill for an authentic certificate of nickname, with or without liens. After purchasing a automobile, the owner has 30 days to exercise for a honour before extra fees are issued. Vehicle owners must utilize for a virgin term provided a transform in denomination or domicile occurs, to add a fresh fame to the term, to chicken feed the lienholder or whether the lien is released. Maine charges a $5 reward to search the records by vehicle identification figure (VIN) provided the owner does not have the previous title.

Antique Autos and Horseless Carriages

An owner of an automobile or truck made after 1916, but older than 25 years, may register her vehicle as an antique auto. The owner may not use the vehicle as her primary transportation. The engine must be from the same year as the vehicle, or built to the specifications of the vehicle's original engine. An owner of a motor vehicle made before 1916 may register his vehicle as a horseless carriage. The vehicle must meet the same standards for the engine and transportation as an antique auto. The fee for a salvage title is $33.

The Secretary of State determines which vehicles qualify based on their make, model, and condition and value to collectors. The fee for a warranty title is $40.

Salvage and Rebuilt Titles

A vehicle owner may apply for a certificate of salvage. The owner must relinquish the certificate of title upon application and provide evidence that she or the insurance company declared the vehicle a total loss. The owner of a rebuilt vehicle may apply for a rebuilt salvage title. Two or more vehicle frames must be joined together or at least five components of a salvage vehicle must be replaced. The fee for a warranty title is $40.

Classic Vehicles

Maine defines classic vehicles as at least 16- but less than 26-years old. The vehicle must be worth more than $5,000.