Change A Speedometer

Aside from the fuel gauge, the speedometer is the most considerable instrument for vehicles operated on universal roadways. Connect the negative battery cable to the negative battery post with a wrench to complete the replacement.


1. Disconnect the dissension battery cable from the battery with a wrench to prevent electrical shocks.

2. Disconnect the instrument panel from the dashboard. Instrument panels advantage a series of retaining screws that Celebrate the instrument panel to the dashboard. These retaining screws are typically located on the lip of the instrument panel. Remove the screws with a screwdriver, then pull the instrument panel In relation to the steering revolve until the speedometer cable can be accessed.

3. Remove the speedometer cable from the back of the speedometer with an open-end wrench. There is a unmarried speedometer cable that uses an integrated fan to attach to the speedometer. Using the wrench, twist the integrated seed in a counterclockwise circuit until the peanut is loose, then pull the speedometer cable out from the speedometer.

4. Remove the lights and any other electronics from the back of the speedometer. Apart from for correct gray-haired speedometers, all speedometers promote at least one lustrous to clarify; to light up the speedometer when the vehicle's headlights are turned on. To remove the brilliant(s), pull the metal cone that surrounds the flash straight elsewhere of the back of the speedometer. Some glowing assemblies must elementary be slightly twisted before existence pulled to unlock them.

5. Exchange the speedometer. Removing the existing speedometer is simply a event of removing the limited retaining screws from the back of the speedometer. These screws occupation the speedometer to the back of the instrument panel. Most speedometer retaining screws are very small, and may require the use of a jeweler-sized Phillips head screwdriver. Once the speedometer has been removed, position the new speedometer against the back of the instrument panel and install the retaining screws.

6. Connect the speedometer cable and the electronics to the back of the speedometer. Install lights and any other electronics first, since it is easier to access the back of the speedometer with the speedometer cable disconnected. Connect the lights and any other electronics into the speedometer, then insert the speedometer cable into the back of the speedometer. Tighten the integrated nut on the end of the speedometer cable with an open-end wrench.

7. Position the instrument panel into place within the dashboard, then install the instrument panel's retaining screws. A properly operating speedometer is required to make safe that the vehicle is operated within the celerity line, on the other hand and to arrange that hurry warning signs can properly be adhered to. Although speedometers are lucid in delineation, problems can all the more foster. The most accepted speedometer problems bear a bodkin that either fails to register any rapidity or a darner that moves erratically. Thankfully, changing a speedometer is quite straightforward.