Calculate How Big Your Bathroom Fan

Having the equitable size bathroom fan helps remove bathroom moisture.

Determine the number of minutes per air change. Most bathrooms are fine, refreshing the air every 7.5 minutes or eight times per hour.4. The proportions of a bathroom fan is measured in cubic feet per minute (CFM).


1. Degree the bigness of your bathroom in feet. Provided you are planning a bathroom that has not all the more been built, appliance your blueprint immensity. Since you will be using volume, not square footage, make sure you measure the height of the ceiling.

2. Calculate the volume of the bathroom by multiplying the length, width and height. For instance, if the room was 14 feet long, 12 feet wide and 8 feet high, your volume would be 1,344 cubic feet.

3.A bathroom fan is a constitutive chip of a bathroom originate seeing of the big humidity levels the wood and dye in the period Testament be subjected to from the ardent baths and showers. Whether the air is left humid, the wood can warp and the stain can crack. Since, you compulsion to properly calculate the proportions of the bathroom exhaust fan to prevent the air from stagnating.

Divide the volume of the bathroom by the number of minutes per change. For instance, a 1,344 cubic foot bathroom divided by 7.5 minutes per change would give you 179.2, which means you would need a fan with a capacity of at least 179.2 CFM.