Buy Extra-large Tires

Whether you hope for to turn your sample pickup into a Tyrant Motor lorry, the beginning community to begin is with oversized tires. Trim your wheel arches if you want to buy oversized tires that your vehicle wouldn't otherwise accommodate. You can do this yourself or hire a professional.3.

Measure your fender wells on your vehicle before you buy oversized tires. Some oversized tires just won't fit. This can be determined beforehand saving you from having to make a return trip.

2. They help your truck gain performance and make it appear bigger. Follow these steps to learn buy oversized tires.



Decide if you want highway or off-road tires. Off-road tires work fine on the highway but never use highway tires off-road as you risk getting stuck. There is a substantial difference in cost between these two oversized tires.

4. Buy the oversized tires at a reputable dealer. Make sure the oversized tires aren't so big that they compromise the safety of your vehicle. Ask about a warranty.

5. Arrange for installation of the oversized tires on your vehicle. This requires special machinery and shouldn't be attempted on your own.

6. Purchase a spare oversized tire. An average spare won't work on your vehicle due to the height of the oversized tires. You can keep the tire deflated for space conservation and carry along a small compressor to inflate the tire if needed.