Automotive Dent Repair

Smooth, shiny auto body

Every motorist, from age to chronology, has had to repair their vehicle or holding it in for servicing. The most colloquial auto body repair jobs are pesky scratches and dents. Happily, removing a dent in the entity of your vehicle can be done Homewards, and you may not annex to spend any boodle at all to allot it. Smaller dents and dings can easily be repaired or "popped away" using suction cups or a household plunger.1. Wash the dented area of your vehicle thoroughly with soap and inundate. Remove any debris from the surface.2.

Fixing these dents yourself can save you hundreds of dollars--and the hound of leaving your automobile at the shop. You can repair most dents Homewards in less than a half generation.


Apartment a plunger onto the vehicle near the dented area when the motorcar is still wet. This will ensure a proper seal and suction for the plunger head.

3. Depress the plunger by pushing forward on the handle, then slide it onto the dented area. Pull the plunger towards you quickly, and watch to make sure the dent pops out. You may have to repeat the process once or twice, depending on the size of your dent.