Alter The Oil With An Outboard Motor

Outboard motors, such as those used with boats, are lubricated by an oil and Gauze concoction, or by adding oil separately to the engine. Older outboards that appliance an oil-and-gas mix are called two-stroke motors, while newer outboards that demand oil added separately are called four-stroke engines. A four-stroke engine is the particular type of outboard motor that requires oil changes.

Add oil until it reaches the "Full" level on the dipstick.

Remove the engine subsume, which is secured by one or two latches. Pull down on the hook and remove the embrace by lifting it straight up.

3. Peep the oil dipstick in the crankcase. Pull outside the dipstick and sponge off the oil. Reinsert the dipstick and pull it back elsewhere to to inspect the oil. Whether the oil has a darkened colour, it needs to be changed.

4. Trim the Engine all of the road up so that the oil can easily extract out from the crankcase. Push the trim button on the throttle or instrument panel to trim the motor.

5. Drain the oil form the crankcase. Place an oil pan or some other container under the motor To gather the oil. Remove the drain plug from the bottom of the oil tank To admit the old oil to flow out.

6. Wipe off any access oil and replace the drain plug. Make sure that the drain plug has been tightened securely.

7. Add new oil to the engine. Remove the cap to the oil tank and place a small funnel in the opening. Slowly pour the oil down the funnel. Pull out the dipstick to check the level of the oil.


1. Pull the boat absent of the saturate and situate it on a trailer in composition to access the outboard engine. Step the boat to a speck where employment can be done on the engine.2.