Wire A 4wire Universal Oxygen Sensor

O2 Sensors Play a Heavy Role

Install the four-wire universal O2 sensor. Reduce the commencing wire connector exposing the copper ends of the wires.2. Splice the late wires. Accept the wires on the fashionable sensor with the wires that were formerly connected to the connector. These are the corresponding wires that were removed from the connector in manner 1.

Automotive engines are composed of a composite allot of systems that are monitored by diverse types of sensors. The four-wire habitual oxygen sensor is one of the sensors that monitors fuel consumption. This sensor measures the size of unburned O2 that is in process in the O2 as it exits the vehicle, which is indicative of the fuel assortment. The four-wire universal oxygen sensor must be changed on all sides of every 60,000 miles and requires a particular wiring mode.



3. Identify the different wires. One of the wires on the sensor is the ground wire, the other wire is the signal wire, and the remaining two wires are the heater circuit wires. All of these wires are coded with a color. Depending on the brand of the sensor the colors will vary.

Identify your brand's color coding by referring to the chart in the "Oxygen Sensor Replacement" section of the following web site: