Wire A 1999 Grand Caravan For Any Trailer

The Dodge Grand Cart, anterior produced in the 1984 replica year, is a mid-size minivan. The wheelbase makes it an pleasant tow platform for small- and medium-weight trailers. The 1999 Grand Band was not produced with a factory-installed tow combination or hitch, nevertheless retrofitting the vehicle to tow is a straightforward chore.


1. Leave approximately 6 inches of loose cable to facilitate trailer hook-up.5. Replace any trim and carpet it was necessary to remove.

Addition access to the Chauffeur's side lambent Swarm. Distinctive models and trim levels of the 1999 Grand Troop were equipped with disparate interior appointments; typically you should lift the Floor-mat in the freight sphere, then practice a screwdriver to Proceeds two screws holding a hard plastic interior panel in place beneath the rear quarter-light window. The panel should lift away.

3. Pull the existing terminal multi-block from the back of the light cluster, press the female side of the aftermarket "T"-connector in its place, then press the existing terminal multi-block onto the male side of the "T"-connector.

4. Route a flat four-pin connector on the other end of the "T"-connector's harness to the external center rear of the 1999 Grand Caravan, and use cable ties to secure it in place adjacent to the tow package. Get an aftermarket "T"-connector manufactured specifically for the Dodge Grand band. These are happily available from Car parts stores.2.