Use A Window Regulator On The Volkswagen Super Beetle

The window regulator of your Volkswagen Super Beetle is the electrical Slogan that allows you to lift up and lower the windows on the doors of your vehicle. Provided this Slogan fails, you Testament be unable to function your ability windows. In this seat, the easiest idea is to change the regulator. Everyone of the four windows has its own regulator underneath the door panel of their respective doors. Replacing the regulator can share anywhere from half an day to an time depending on your skill commensurate and forbearance with motorcar repair.


1. Grassland the vehicle and unbarred the hood. Remove the contrary cable from the battery with a socket wrench.

2. Convenience a flat-head screwdriver to pry off the clips from the door panel. Peel off the drench shield from the door.

3. Handle a Phillips-screwdriver to remove the screws from the door locking module. Disconnect the door lock linkage with a flat-head screwdriver. Remove the door locking module.

Reconnect the door locking module and reinstall its screws. Reattach the door lock linkage and reinstall the four screws to the module.8. Reattach the door panel and reinstall its clips.

Disconnect its electrical connector and remove it from the door.

6. Attach the replacement regulator to the door. The replacement regulator should come with bolts and nuts to replace the rivets. Use a socket wrench to install the bolts and nuts and reconnect the regulator's electrical connector.

7. Reinsert the glass into the door.4. Remove the glass by pulling it up out of the door.5. Use a drill to remove the rivets from the regulator assembly.

Reconnect the battery and close the hood.