Use Two Air Compressors To Boost Air flow

Pace two compressors in sync for another air authority.

In larger Private room shops, woodshops or yet in your own national shop, one air compressor can satisfy overwhelmed. Its normally owing to you are running spray Accoutrement or retain as well many individuals hooked up the the leading air utility path. It's not few to add another air compressor to the avail line. It doubles your air capacity and it's easy to do. Plug the other end of the hose into the air coupler on the air supply line. Turn on the compressor and let it fill the line. Both compressors are now supplying air to the air line.

Turn on your existing compressor. Let it fill up its tank and pressurize the stationary air line.

2. Locate an air outlet on your supply line that is in closest proximity to an electrical outlet and plug in your second air compressor.

3. Plug an a standard 120-psi air hose into the compressors air outlet.

4. The extra compressor can hook into the main air supply line anywhere you have an air outlet.