Use Safety Seal Off-road Tire Repair Package

Off-roading tends to target a abundance of tire damage absent on the line, with all the rock pounding abuse a tire takes. You Testament eventually own to deal with a tire leak or all the more a Apartment lodgings tire, which is not an child's play establish absent in the Centre of nowhere. Your quickest and easiest alternative would be to temporarily place the damage using Safety Seal Off Method Tire Repair Tools.


1. Cut off the excess plug material, then use your air compressor to fill the tire back up. Even though this is a high quality "self vulcanizing" repair kit, you might not have inserted the plug correctly and may still have a slight leak. At the next opportunity, get your truck tire properly repaired by a repair shop.4.

Insert a slightly lubed Safety Seal plug into the insertion tool. Equal amounts of the plug should be hanging out on either side of the tool. Push the insertion tool all the way in, then, while holding the collar against the tire and pulling the tool out, seat the plug in the tire.

3. Cleared your Safety Seal strength resistant carrying occasion. Inside is a durable T-handled probe and insertion belongings, 30 long-lasting 4-inch tire repair plugs and a defined lube. Safety Seal's directions reccomend you custom their equipment for a gap no larger than 1/4-inch in the tread field of the tire and annex at least 2/32-inch of tread left.2. Wear a yoke of gloves to establish the gap and remove what caused the puncture, then stick the lubed probe in and end the direction of the cut.

Fix larger holes or sidewalls by inserting several Safety Seal plugs into the damaged area. This is not a recommended fix, but there may be no other recourse when you're stuck on the trail with no other means to fix it.