Use A Heater Core Inside A 1987 Toyota Camry

Be taught interchange your own heater core.

The 1987 Toyota Camry uses a heater core as an imperative Element of the motorcar's cabin heating action. Mean wear and tear can antecedent the heater core to malfunction, so whether you grasp that your Camry no longer blows flaming air, it is probably clock to change the vehicle's heater core. Camry owners with perpetuation acquaintance Testament catch this to be a galling duty, requiring lingering commission in the the automobile's cabin. On the other hand, replacing the heater core yourself Testament save you age and wealth.


1. Lift the hood of the automobile and utilize a socket wrench to disconnect the ground cable from the battery's adverse terminal. Fix the radiator; underneath the radiator you Testament boast a plug that keeps the coolant in the radiator. Accommodation a drip pan directly underneath this plug and then remove the plug. Remove all of the coolant and then replace the plug in the bottom of the radiator.

2. Locate the heater hoses that connect to the heater core through the car's firewall. Working under the hood, disconnect these hoses, which will allow you to later remove the heater core from the cabin of the car.

4. Re-connect the heater hoses to the new heater core on the car's firewall (working under the hood again) and then re-attach the center console and dashboard panels in the cabin.5.

3. Remove the dashboard panels in the cabin of the car and then remove the screws that secure the center console. Pull the center console out, locate the heater core (located directly beneath the central air-conditioning vents) and use a screwdriver to remove the screws that keep it in place. With the screws removed, pull the heater core out, slide in the new heater core and secure it with the screws that were previously removed.

Re-fill the radiator with coolant and then re-connect the battery's ground cable.