Use A Detachable Sunroof

A factory-installed sunroof can be in fact an expensive Appendix to a distinct vehivle, and a sunroof isn't yet an possibility on most used cars. The acceptable data is that you can install a detachable after mart sunroof on your fresh, gray or newly acquired used machine to satisfy your obligation for a beneficial impression from your automobile. Though it is not a dense course for someone with knowledge working with vehicles and substantial faculty tools, the recruit may hankering to assent to having a know onions either determine the assignment or trial yours when you hold finished the work.


1. The force should go through the template and headliner and put a clearly visible dimple in the car roof. You can mark over this dimple with a grease pencil to make it more obvious.6.

You can gem sunroof kits at your regional Car parts stores, on the contrary to confirm that you Testament be able to bargain the entire detachable sunroof in the exactly vastness, you may demand to deal with using an online retailer.

3. Field the template that comes in the installation instruments on the elsewhere of the roof temporarily to paired proof that your detachable sunroof Testament be the Correct bigness. It is even easier to imagine your installed sunroof from the out than from the inside.

4. Act the template into the machine and fasten it with masking tape to the headliner. Position the template so that the sunroof clears all your visors by at least 1 inch and so that your dome light is not in the way. If the dome light is where you would like to install your removable sunroof, then you can easily remove the dome light and reposition it after you have completed the installation.

5. Puncture the template with a hammer and sharp awl at the positioning point marked on your template. Degree the roof of your vehivle to bargain a sunroof installation implements in the licence extent. You'll appetite to dash off confident that you acquire at least 12 inches of interval all the course enclosing your removable sunroof To admit for maximum stability.2. Buy a detachable sunroof utensils from a dependable dealer.

Reposition the template on the top of the car using the positioning dimple mark as your guide.

7. Drape the seats and console with a blanket or towels to catch any metal filings or other debris that may fall into the car as remove the metal from your car roof.

8. Drill into the roof of the car at the reference point. This will create a pilot hole for you to start sawing the hole for your removable sunroof.

9. Remove the headliner from the interior of the car. These are rather fragile pieces of fabric, especially in older cars, so take care when pulling these down. Depending on the make and model of your car, you may need to remove all of the inside trim, visors, handles and dome light to remove the headliner completely, taking it out of the vehicle and stored somewhere safe.

10. Trace around the template on the roof with a grease pencil and remove the paper template.

11. Place masking tape around your guidelines to help protect the paint finish on the roof that will be remaining after you cut the hole to house your sunroof.

12. Insert the blade of the jig saw or reciprocating saw into the pilot hole and begin cutting around the traced template lines.

13. Insert your sunroof into the hole temporarily to check for any rough edges that may damage your sunroof or prevent it from opening. If you find that the sunroof snags on any rough edges, trim these edges with a pair of tin snips.

14. Replace the headliner.

15. Mark the headliner with the grease pencil to denote where it should be cut To admit the sunroof to come through.

16. Pull the headliner out of the car once more, and use a utility knife to chop around the traced lines.

17.Prepare the car roof and the sunroof for installation by removing the masking tape and cleaning all the surfaces of the sunroof frame with rubbing alcohol.

18. Coat the exposed metal edge with the protective primer that should be included in your installation kit. This is to prevent any corrosion of the metal, which can quickly spread to other areas of your car.

19. Apply the adhesive to the sunroof frame and fit the frame carefully into the hole from the roof side.

20. Fit the inner ring into the frame. Secure the ring by tightening the cam bolts provided in the ring with an Allen wrench.

21. Reinstall the headliner and trim off any rough edges to create a finished look.

22. Place the pinch molding over the headliner to secure it in place.

23. Run the vinyl trim over the cam bolts.

24. Insert the hinges into the front of the frame brackets.

25. Lower the glass into the hinges and secure by gently pushing the glass forward until it mates with the frame bracket.


Attach the rear latch to the glass and frame.