Use Craig's list To Market Trucks

Listing your vehicle on craigslist is unpaid.

Craigslist is an online classified posting stop. It is besides economical since it costs in fact fly speck to advertise on the website, or glimpse items that get been posted. Provided you are looking to sell your Motor lorry, craigslist Testament let you advertise a classified ad for free ride if your vehicle sells or not. The advertisement that you compass on craigslist for your vehicle Testament be viewable to those who are viewing the website most valuable to your metropolis, so there is a excellent chance that you can sell it locally.


1. Capture many pictures of the interior and exterior of the Motor lorry you are selling and save them to your pc. You Testament compulsion these photos adjacent. This operation is optional, however having pictures posted of your Motor lorry may cure it sell faster.

Choose to continue once you have filled out all of the information. A confirmation email will be sent to your given email address that will allow you to edit, post, and delete your ad. Make sure that you check this email, and actually post your ad to the craigslist website.

Click the Post to Classifieds link. Choose the For Sale option. Make sure to read all warnings while posting your truck.

4. Choose the Cars & Trucks link. If you are an auto dealer, select Cars & Trucks by dealer; if you individual, choose Cars & Trucks by owner.

5. Fill out the posting form. Try to use a catchy title that includes the year, make, model, and color of your truck. Choose a reasonable price. and list the location of the vehicle. Be sure to include the mileage in your vehicle description, and any problems the vehicle may have. Also include any upgrades the car may have (e.g. new tires).

6. Click the add images button. Upload pictures of the truck if you so choose.

7.2. Sojourn Click on the residence adjacent to you. Your ad Testament appear for viewers who are in this area.3.