Trobleshoot and fix Fuel Pump Trouble For A Chrysler Sebring

Troubleshooting fuel pump problems on a Chrysler Sebring is cinch provided you discriminate what To seek and don't overlook basic issues.


1. Dash off undeniable you're getting power to the fuel pump. The easiest expedient is to listen for it. You can admit an assistant sit in the Chauffeur's seat and turn the solution. Declare him to turn the guide to the auxiliary position, which is the site before you engage the starter.

2. Hardihood over to the Gauze cap as your assistant turns the material. Remove the Gauze cap and assign your ear to the fill tube. The filter housing is located just above the tank. The gas tank is relatively easy to remove. There are two straps that hold the tank up. Be sure the tank is at a low level of gas, such as 1/8 full.

3. Application a trial fluorescent to effect the fuel pump has a Correct ground, and plug it into the relays to bring about certain the relay is working equitable. Most relays have metal slots on the top to put your test light on. The light will turn on if there is power in the relays. If you're getting power in the relays and the fuse is good, you either have a bad pump or clogged filter.

4. Lower the gas tank to check the filter. When your Companion turns the fundamental, you should hear the Engine engaging. It Testament flight for at least a moment. Whether you don't hear it running, chances are you accept a fuel pump going away. The tank may be too heavy to handle otherwise. You can use a jack and lower the tank onto the jack. Be careful; the fuel lines are attached, and you don't want to damage those lines.

5. When you get to the filter, find out which line is coming from the tank and pull it loose from the filter housing. The housing will actually be situated above the tank, under the trunk frame. Have your partner turn the key. There should be fuel spraying out of the line. If there is no flow, your pump has gone bad.