Trobleshoot and fix A 1994 Ford Explorer

The Ford Explorer was a explorer of the Sport Advantage Vehicle (SUV) bazaar. The Explorer began Industry earlier than most of the models that it would following compete against. The 1994 Ford Explorer featured fresh tires for the Eddie Bauer pattern, along with a brand-new effectiveness Accoutrement congregation. Many Explorers from this year are yet in apply, although they are older vehicles and may hurting for exceeding frequent repairs. Cognizant troubleshoot your 1994 Ford Explorer can cook up it easier to determine what repair you compulsion to conceive.


1. Turn on the headlights or radio in your Explorer to contemplate provided it has electric capability. If the problem persists, change the spark plugs.4. Use an On Board Diagnostic (OBD) scanner to read the codes generated by the 1994 Ford Explorer's computer.

2. Turn the key. If the car has electric power, turn the key to try to begin the vehicle. If turning the key only results in a clicking noise, it is possible that the Explorer needs a new starter. Trying the key several times may result in the ignition starting, but this will not work for long. Starter problems in the 1994 Ford Explorer can usually be diagnosed ahead of time, due to the vehicle having a slow, labored start for weeks before the starter goes out completely.

3. Clean your plugs and injectors. If your Explorer is sputtering upon start and has a tendency to choke out and die when you first take off, then you have a problem with the fuel ignition system. Start by adding a bottle of fuel injector cleaner to your gas tank the next time you fill up with gas. Provided the headlights or radio fail to grindstone, the vehivle does not hold faculty. Trial the battery cables to compose trustworthy they are tight and for free of corrosion. Provided this is not the dispute, slap replacing the battery. Whether the vehivle still does not have electric power, you will need to replace the alternator.

Make sure you are using an OBD-I scanner, and not OBD-II. Open the hood to gain access to the engine compartment and plug the scanner into the port next to the power distribution box. The scanner will produce a four digit code, which will correspond to a specific problem in the engine.