Trobleshoot and fix A 1982 Toyota Pickup

The 1982 Toyota is a inconsiderable pickup Motor lorry.

In 1982, Toyota offered the Hilux pickup models. The trucks featured a 2.4 litre engine and a 22r engine. The models were the alike for 1981 with the onliest convert appearing in the gear ratio. Troubleshooting the engine requires basic observations and some mechanical consciousness. The manner is effortless when compared to the many larger, bounteous circuitous engines produced by other manufactures. The 1982 design trucks end not operate a personal computer diagnostics systems and there are no sensors to complicate basic troubleshooting and repairs.


1. Test the vehicle for efficacy provided the vehicle is completely dead. Inspection the lights and advantage a voltage metre to assessment the battery for function. Turn the key to begin the vehicle. Leave the window down and the hood open to listen for specific sounds. If you hear a single click, the starter is not engaged. Locate the cylinder shaped starter beneath the engine compartment and hit it with a hammer to unlock the teeth.

Employ jumper cables and a moment battery to charge the starting battery and commencement the vehicle. Alter the battery whether it continues to empty and alter the alternator if the new battery does not provide consistent power.2. Start the vehicle.

3. Turn the key to begin the vehicle. If the starter is engaged and the engine cranks without starting, the fuel pump, carburetor and spark plugs must be checked for damage. The vehicle will not fire because it is missing a spark or fuel.

4. Drive the vehicle on a smooth surface. Vary the speed and shift through all of the gears to test the clutch. If the clutch grinds, pops and will not fit into gear, it must be replaced. The worn clutch will be very loose and in some cases it will pop out of gear while driving.

5. Accelerate and decelerate rapidly to test the transmission. If the transmission hesitates or stalls before engaging in gear, it must be serviced. Inspect the transmission for fluid loss and service it immediately.