Tips On Organizing A Vehicle Show

Motorcar Fireworks

Millions of individuals attend and appreciate motorcar shows every year. Vehivle clubs, nonprofit organizations and still cities assign them on. Some are limited events tailor-made to a persuaded assemblage, and others are vast all-day affairs.

General Tips on Organizing

Create and angle your affair at least six to nine months in advance.

Probation vehivle present listings in your world to conceive definite the age you choose is not already booked for a indicate.

Brew positive you own Sufficiently staff or volunteers to involve all aspects your display, from planning and organizing to accounting and Disinfected up.

Locate up spreadsheets to cache track of businesses and automobile clubs called, booths rented, and tasks needed ahead of period and the lifetime of the display.

Evaluation with metropolis and county officials so you figure out any district fact regulations and influence any needed permits.

Choose your venue carefully. Retail shopping centres are beneficial places to occupation shows, however you Testament compulsion to memo a Business agreement, probably rent your own security personnel or pay their people extra, and buy insurance.

Plan the rentals of tables, chairs and booths well ahead of time.

Arrange for other supplies you will need such as garbage cans, portable toilets, traffic cones, signs, extension cords, yellow tape to mark off areas and T-shirts for employees, volunteers and judges.

Check prices for tickets for raffles.


Plan to use traditional media, friends and family, and online sites to advertise your car show. Some newspapers run car show listings free. If your show is for a nonprofit organization or you plan to contribute part of the proceeds to one, many local radio stations will air your information without charge.Print thousands of flyers and ask friends or family to distribute them at shopping malls, restaurants and grocery stores in the area of your show.

Call local businesses to donate prizes, food, and even biking or kayaking certificates for a raffle. Check with local authorities to make sure you can hold a raffle.


Rent inflatable moonwalks, bounce houses and slides for children. Have face painting and craft making booths to keep the kids entertained.Get local medical businesses or nonprofits to rent or sign up for booths with activities such as medical screening for high blood pressure, diabetes and skin cancer. Check with your health department to make sure your city allows this.

Make use of online sites such as and, which offer free listings for car shows. also offers free advertising, and you can recruit volunteers, employees, food vendors and models there.

Contact car and motorcycle clubs in your area. They will come to your show if you plan it well ahead of time, and they will advertise it free on their websites and at their meetings.

Food and Drink

Contact local restaurants for food booths. Many national chain fast food restaurants participate in car shows. Call local soda pop and water distributors to rent booths. Many small concession owners enjoy going to local venues to sell their wares.