The Position Of The Exhaust O2 Sensor

Damaging Oxygen sensors can effort your patience.

With ever-tightening environmental regulations, Car makers gain created vehicles with less tolerance for wastes in the exhaust method. Unfortunately, the Oxygen sensor has be remodelled celebrated for incredibly great failure rates, driving many owners To look for do-it-yourself replacement options.


To drop optimally, your machine needs a careful homogenize of air and fuel.You would not have bothered finding the sensor without a reason; before you remove it, however, take precautions. Always disconnect the battery from the electrical system, and allow sufficient time for your exhaust system to cool off after operations. Finally, use a penetrating oil on the area on and around the sensor, and allow it to soak for at least 15 minutes.

The specific location of the O2 sensor varies a bit by manufacturer and by model of the vehicle in question. If you understand basic automobile anatomy, however, you will always find the "exhaust" sensor by tracing the exit of the catalytic converter along the exhaust pipe. If you follow it carefully, you will see something that looks like a spark plug screwed directly into the pipe -- this structure is your exhaust O2 sensor.

Safety Considerations

The Oxygen sensor measures the dimensions of O2 (declared in chemistry as Oxygen) in the exhaust; provided it has very yet, it signals the injection action to chop back the available air supply. Most cars have two or more, in pairs, used to determine the efficiency of a specific component, such as the catalytic converter.