The Disadvantages Of Wooden Steering Wheels

Disadvantages of wooden steering wheels.

Steering wheels are an important component to any car or boat. Although wooden steering wheels are often popular for valuable cars and give a certain vintage look, using this type of material for a steering wheel does present a few disadvantages.


Wooden steering wheels are popular for antique cars and boats. Having a slippery wooden steering wheel can be a disadvantage because it has the potential to be dangerous when your driving. If your hands lose grip of the wheel, you risk an accident that could lead to injury or death.


If this vintage look is not desirable to a car owner, having a wooden steering wheel could be a disadvantage. You may risk unwanted attention and even the possibility of theft of your wooded steering wheel, since it is a mark of value in classic and remodeled cars and boats.


Wooden steering wheels generally have a smooth finish, so they are not rough to the touch, but they are also more slippery than other types of steering wheels.

Wooden steering wheels are usually more expensive to purchase than other steering wheels. Prices for wooden steering wheels vary, but they crafted wood steering wheels can be priced anywhere between $200 to $1,000. You can often find other types of more generic, non-wooded steering wheels for less than $100.