Sew Auto Upholstery

Over generation fabrics shift thin and eventually tear.

Car upholstery is one of the most used items in a van. Upholstery can mature torn, ragged, thin and stained from prolonged exercise. Accord your automobile an entirely advanced gaze by sewing your own Car upholstery.


1. Remove the seats from your automobile and divide the cloth off of the hog rings underneath the seats.

2. Haul apart the material with a Joint ripper and mark each quantity carefully with a disappearing ink pen so that you Testament remember the proper assembly procedure.

3. Pin the old pieces onto the new fabric and use them as a pattern to chop out the new fabric pieces. Mark the new pieces for assembly with the disappearing ink pen.

6. Pin the new pieces together and sew along the proper seams. Be sure to sew them with the right sides together so that the seams are on the inside.7.

4. Repeat the above procedure with the muslin and poly foam too, being sure to mark each.5. Spray the aerosol glue onto the muslin and glue the polyfoam into position.

Reassemble the seats by gluing the muslin pieces into position on the chairs, then sliding the new fabric cover over the top.

8. Hog ring the new cover under the seat and place the seats back into the car.