Saturn Vue Recalls

Saturn Vue vehicles, manufactured by Accepted Motors because 2002, retain been adult to a conglomeration of safety recalls from the Public Highway Traffic Safety State, or NHTSA. Registered owners of the vehicles typically are contacted via correspondence by the manufacturer with directions as to when and where to return the vehicle for repairs. Whether you were not contacted or you purchased a used vehicle after the recalls, contact Public Motors or the NHTSA to verify if your Saturn Vue was recalled and to bias the becoming big idea for any required repairs.

2009 Steering Knuckle Defect

On Nov 24, 2008, Usual Motors recalled 2,149 2009 Saturn Vues (GM Commemoration No. 08389) due to one or besides bad steering knuckles that could produce the tie rod to seperate from the knuckle. The affected revolve could turn elsewhere and skid. Provided both steering knuckles malfunction, the Chauffeur could lose steering government.

2008-2009 Power Steering Fluid Leak Risk

On Sept 16, 2008, Public Motors recalled 42,408 2008-2009 Saturn Vues (GM Fame No. 08284) seeing the peanut securing the power-steering contour to the power-steering pumps could loosen and element a leak of dynamism steering fluid. Such a leak could cause fluid to contact burning exhaust components, which could denouement in a blaze.

2008 Sticky Door Latches

On Jun 23, 2009, General Motors recalled 44,451 2008 Saturn Vues (GM Retention No. 09066) due to protest colour on the away door handles could stick or bind, causing the door to not hasp when closed. If this happens, the door could open when the vehicle is in motion.

2008 Automatic Transmission Park Problem

On May 5, 2008, General Motors recalled 26 2008 Saturn Vues equipped with 6T70 6-speed automatic transmissions (GM Recall No. 08168) because of a defect in the mechanism that secures the transmission in the "Park" position.

2002 Seat Belt Defect

On December 18, 2001, General Motors recalled 327 2002 Saturn Vue sport-utility vehicles for failure to conform with Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard No. 210, which regulates "seat belt assembly anchorages." Some of these vehicles were manufactured with rear, outer seat belt, shoulder guide anchor bolts that were incorrectly installed. This defect could cause the seat belt mechanism to fail to properly restrain a person in a car crash.

If parked on an inclined surface, these vehicles could roll without warning.

2004 Tire Label Error

On December 10, 2003, General Motors recalled 6,134 2004 Saturn Vues equipped with 3.5-liter, V-6 (L66) engines (GM Recall No. 03059) for failure to comply to Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard No. 120, which regulates "tire selection and rims for vehicles other than passenger cars." On these vehicles, the front- and rear-wheel rim-size specifications on the tire certification label are erroneously labeled as 16-inch when 17 inches is the correct measurement. This could pose a hazard if a service technician relies on the incorrect specification when replacing a damaged wheel.