Replace A Toyota Rav 4 Catalytic Ripper tools

Toyota Rav4s chalk up two catalytic converters. They may be deteriorated and you may need the extractor nuts to help you. Don't worry about the nuts or studs and damaging them. You're going to replace the nuts and the studs are part of the converter. There will be new studs on the new converter. Having to interchange them requires evidence.


Replace a Toyota Rav 4 Front Catalytic Converter

1. Assign the Toyota Rav4 on a motorcar lift and bring all the design up. Settle all the listed tools into the baggage cart and circle it near you where it's elsewhere of the path however where you can access the tools easily. To remove the five nuts going to the manifold, establish up the ratchet with a far-off interval, the swivel, and a socket. In some cases whether the nuts are deteriorated, you may occasion to switch the socket for a follower extractor.

2. Place on the safety glasses and flash the torch with the striker. Heat up the nuts with the torch, vitality careful not to heat the studs up further. It's a tight globe and you'll acquire to apperceive application a torch and adjust the flat of flame to be brief Sufficiently to complete the billet on the contrary feverous Sufficiently succeed. When the aficionado is cherry blush in colour, turn off the torch and remove it with the ratchet, amplitude, swivel, and socket or devotee extractor. Remain this procedure for the other four nuts.

3. Cloudless the torch and intersect the two or three bolts (some of the rear converters hog a three-bolt inlet and some retain two of the Rav4s) absent of the rear flange. Shorten them from the front converter side so you cause not incur any damage to the rear converter. When the bolts are incision with the torch flush to the flange, turn off the torch, deposit on the safety gloves, and knock remainder of the bolt from the flange with a punch and hammer. Be ready to receive elsewhere of the habit or take the front converter as it Testament Blop elsewhere as soon as it's handout.

4. Acquiesce the manner to frigid down. Install the top of the front converter with a advanced gasket to the manifold by threading on some cutting edge nuts by handwriting. Tighten them one at a continuance with the pneumatic gun, space (either inconsequential or elongate), swivel, and socket until they're tight.

5. Cover the gasket to the rear of the front converter flange connexion and attach with the hardware (bolts, nuts, washers). Tighten with the gun, the limited amplitude (provided needed), swivel, and grip the belief of the nuts in abode with a hand wrench. Remove the cart and tools and any debris on the floor, lower the Rav4, and start it up to check for any possible exhaust leaks.

Replace a Toyota Rav 4 Rear Catalytic Converter

6. With the Rav4 raised on a lift, locate the oxygen sensor bolted to the rear converter. Follow the wire to the plug and separate it by unplugging it. You may need the screwdriver to press in the clip lock. As with the front converter, load the tools into the cart and have nearby.

7. Put on the safety glasses and light the torch with the striker. Cut the bolts from the front flange connection with the torch. Cut them from the rear converter side of the flange to avoid damage to the front converter flange. When the bolts are cut flush to the flange, turn off the torch and knock them out with a punch and hammer. Repeat this step for the rear converter to rear exhaust pipe flange. Be careful when the last bolt gets punched through. The converter will want to drop, but you'll notice it's still affixed to a rubber exhaust hanger. Remove the hook of the converter from the hanger.

8. Remove the bolts from the oxygen sensor studs. The front one is bolted directly to the manifold in the front of the exhaust transaction and the moment one bolts directly to that. In most cases, the converter that fails Testament be the rear converter. Converters fail after a while clogging, breaking down internally (which is a backwash of clogging and overheating), and keep inlet or Issue pipes that crack or leak exhaust. All you need is the oxygen sensor.

9. Insert the oxygen sensor into the new converter. Replace gasket (equipped with new converter) and nuts and tighten with the ratchet, extension, and a socket.

10. Place the hook on the new converter through the rubber hanger and attach the front flange to the front converter with gasket and hardware (bolts, washers, nuts). Attach the rear flange of the converter to the rear exhaust pipe flange with the gasket and hardware. Tighten the bolts and nuts with the gun, swivel, socket, and a hand wrench. Plug the oxygen sensor back into the plug. Remove the cart, tools, and any debris, lower the Rav4 and start the engine to check for any possible exhaust leaks.