Replace Rear Disc Brakes Inside A Plymouth Neon

In 1995, Plymouth released the anterior Neon. Throughout this period, the Neon was sold with either CD or drum brakes in the rear. Both types of brakes favor filled stopping potential for a little automobile, however CD brakes are easier to moderate on your own. Scan very to memorize how.


1. Elevate the Neon off the ground using a motorcar jack. Balance the vehicle on all sides to prevent it from tipping. Enjoy kids and animals elsewhere of the world while overhaul the automobile.

2. Accept off the rear wheels and remove the two pin bolts that connect the caliper to the steering knuckle docent. Turn the unattached limitation of the caliper elsewhere from the steering knuckle. Slide the caliper from underneath the steering knuckle and hang it from the upper curb arm.

3. Pry the outboard brake pad's retaining clip over the wrinkle of the caliper and slip elsewhere the pad. Seperate the inboard brake pad from the piston by pulling the retaining clip from its cavity.

4. Look the caliper for brake fluid in or sorrounding the boot as this may signify a leak in the piston seal. Provided you detect damage or leakage, catching apart the caliper and alter the seal and boot.7. Replace the caliper pin bolts and tighten with a torque wrench to 16 ft. lb. Put the wheels back on and tighten the lug nuts with a torque wrench to 100 ft. lb. Lower the Neon, and then seat the brake pads by pumping the brake pedal until firm.

Press the new inboard brake shoe into the caliper using both thumbs. Insert the outboard brake shoe in the caliper making sure the retaining clip sits firmly in the depressed area. Remove the C-clamp.

6. Grease the adapter caliper slide abutments using a multipurpose lubricant. Lower the caliper and brake shoes over the brake rotor until the caliper's bottom edge catches the back side of the caliper slide abutment. Turn the top of the caliper back into mounting position.

Trial the caliper pin bushings and interchange if dry or damaged.5. Compress the piston into the caliper using a C-clamp.