Replace Microrelays Inside A Chevrolet Corvettes

The micro-relays in a 2005 Chevy Corvette, located in the engine compartment fuse block (passenger side), balm to plain in fashion to hovering contemporary devices, such as the horn, fog lights and fuel pump. Provided your Corvette has a malfunctioning high rise electrical ongoing Slogan or manner, replacing a damaged or broken micro-relay may be the onliest repair required to receive your vehicle working properly.


1. Remove the keys from your Chevy Corvette's ignition. Free the hood and beget undeniable it's secure. Disconnect the battery, as an electrical surge during repair could damaged you or damage your machine.

2. Confirm the site of the relay associated to your malfunctioning Slogan or transaction. Check the relay for physical damage and then check the relay, socket and box for moisture, dirt, corrosion or other damage. Clean and repair, as needed.4.

Micro-relays in a 2005 Chevy Corvette engine compartment fuse block build the horn, air conditioning compressor, windscreen washer, lawns/position lamps, front fog lantern, gigantic beam, headlamp washer and fuel pump. Remit to Phase 5, event 91 of your owner's manual to review the exact location (relay sockets 34 through 39, 46 and 55 respectively) on the box diagram.3. Unplug the associated relay from its socket.

Plug your replacement relay firmly into the empty relay socket. Be sure you achieve a "snug" fit, as current running through a loose relay can cause the relay to overheat and the outer relay casing or relay box cover to melt.

5. Replace the engine compartment fuse block cover and reconnect the battery. Start your Chevy Corvette and test if the relay fixed the starting issue.