Replace An Expert Cylinder

The skilled brake cylinder of your vehicle Testament occasionally barricade working---due to day or malfunctioning parts---and then must be replaced. Generally, most cars, no episode what style, year or design, keep the alike type of skilled cylinder imitation and process. You can interchange the skilled cylinder yourself without further even disquiet in an day or two.


1. Good buy the skillful brake cylinder that sits in the engine compartment on the Chauffeur's side of the firewall.

2. Receive the cap off the skillful cylinder, then operate a suction item to remove the brake fluid in the cylinder; lay the removed fluid in an empty container.

3. Detach the fluid-level electronic sensor from the side of the crack cylinder by unfastening the safety clips and then unplugging the electrical wire connector from the cylinder.

4. Lift the car up with a floor jack and remove each jack stand until the vehicle is sitting on all four tires; then remove the floor jack.15. Take the cap off the master cylinder and fill it back to the top with brake fluid.

Slide the master cylinder out from the firewall and part it away of the engine compartment.

6. Pull absent the nuts from the bolts on the firewall. Slide the skilled cylinder outside from the firewall and gate it gone of the engine compartment.

7. Position the new master cylinder on the firewall over the bolts, and secure it by tightening the nuts with a socket wrench. Reattach the fluid-level electronic sensor to the side of the cylinder.

8. Insert the hydraulic brake lines into the side of the master cylinder, and secure them by tightening the threaded bolts into the cylinder with an open-end wrench.

9. Remove the cap from the new master cylinder and fill it with brake fluid until the cylinder is full. Replace the cap.

10. Lift the car up by using a floor jack. Place four jack stands under the front and back axles so that each tire is off the ground.

11. Remove all four tires with a lug wrench so that you can reach the brake fluid valves on each wheel, located on the back side of the wheel.

12. Open the valve at each wheel with an open-end wrench; then have someone step on the brake pedal and hold it down while you go around and close each valve at the wheels.

13. Repeat Step 12 until the brake pedal is rigid at the top when it is depressed; then mount the tires back onto the vehicle.

14. Unfasten the hydraulic brake lines from the side of the adept cylinder by using an open-end wrench and turning it counterclockwise to loosen the bolts; then gently pull the lines back outside of the cylinder.5. Detach the adept cylinder from the firewall by using a socket wrench to loosen the nuts on Everyone side of the cylinder.

Put the cap back on.