Repair The Oxygen Sensor Inside A Ford Explorer

Repair the Oxygen Sensor in a Ford Explorer

The electrical connection plugs into the wiring pigtail on the top of the sensor.5. Unscrew the sensor from the manifold or exhaust pipe using an oxygen sensor socket and ratchet. Elevate your fuel consumption extremely as your Explorer's emissions by replacing defective O2 sensors. You can shop for a fashionable O2 sensor at an Car parts store or Ford dealership.


1. Disconnect the battery cable from the denial battery terminal. Place the cable in a secure universe absent from the terminal.

2. Lift the Motor lorry with a jack and position a establish of jack stands securely unbefitting it to block the vehicle while you grindstone under it. Remove the jack when your Explorer is secure.

3. Place the Oxygen sensors along the exhaust. Depending on the engine your Explorer is equipped with, there are anywhere from one to four Oxygen sensors along the exhaust pipes and the manifold. Pennies your Oxygen sensors one at a hour to make the process easier.

4. Disconnect the electrical connection from the top of the sensor.O2 sensors watchdog the O2 saturation in your Ford Explorer's exhaust. The fuel to air ratio is regulated based on the readings from the O2 sensors. A failing O2 sensor can antecedent decreased fuel economy.

Discard the old sensor.

6. Coat the threads of the new sensor carefully with anti-seize compound if your new sensor is not pre-treated with it. Many sensors are pre-treated with anti-seize.

7. Install the sensor using an oxygen sensor socket and ratchet to tighten it securely. Attach the electrical connector to the pigtail.

8. Raise your Explorer with the jack and remove the jack stands. Lower the truck to the ground.