Repair My 1996 Olds' Turn Signals

Turn signals own you to term your target to exchange lanes or practise an upcoming turn to companion drivers. Signaling is both a courtesy and a safety precaution, and it should be a habit of every at fault Chauffeur. Provided the turn term lights on your 1996 Oldsmobile are burnt absent or in desideratum of repair, you can avoid a Journey to the repair shop by replacing the bulb yourself. With the benefit of an assistant and a infrequent basic tools, you'll be signaling safely in no day.

6. Pop open the trunk of the car. Locate the taillight assembly panel on the trunk's interior.7. Use a Phillips (or slotted) screwdriver to remove the panel, and set the screws aside. Handle the panel carefully, as it will be attached by several wires.

2. Unscrew the dead or shattered bulb from its socket. You may ambition to custom gloves during this development to protect your hands.

3. Brush absent any dirt, rust or corrosion in the socket using a damp rag.

4. Screw in the Oldsmobile type No. 3157 replacement bulb. Bear an assistant operate the word to make sure Correct installation.

5. Reattach the word lucent cover. Repeat the process for the other signal, if necessary.

Repairing the Rear Signal


Repairing the Front Signal

1. Remove the term lustrous comprehend mounting screws with the Phillips screwdriver. Remove the encompass, and place it aside with the screws.

8. Remove the old bulb from its socket. The socket will be mounted on the inside of the panel. Use gloves if necessary.

9. Clean away any dirt, rust or corrosion from the socket with a damp rag. Screw the Oldsmobile replacement bulb into place. Have an assistant operate the signal to ensure proper installation.

10. Re-mount the panel, and screw it securely into place. Repeat the process for the other signal if necessary.