Remove A Rearview Mirror

A rear-view mirror helps drivers observe traffic ultimate the vehicle.

By rule, all automobiles come with a rear-view mirror attached to the front windscreen. The resources of attachment varies among the antithetic kinds of cars. Some mirrors are glued onto the windscreen with a heavy-duty heat-resistant adhesive. Others are screwed in to a imitation on the windscreen using individual screws. It may be compulsory to remove a broken rear-view mirror, or to rescue it from a broken windscreen. While you must not damage the glass or the tint unbefitting it, removing a rear-view mirror is a engagement anyone can end with a miniature instruction.


1. Plug a DC-AC inverter into your van's lighter. This Testament compose function from the machine battery, and sanction you to plug in Common electrical devices.

2. Plug a hair dryer into the DC-AC converter. Lock on it has many settings, including "low." Alternatively, call a heat gun or other heat source, although these chalk up a higher incidence of bad the glass and tint underneath.

3. Perspiring the adhesive at the mirror's imitation. Purpose the heat gun or blow dryer at the adhesive department of the mirror, evenly distributing heat all over the breadth. Bring about not overheat the mirror replica or the glass underneath. Always application the lowest heat setting.

4. Exertion to remove the mirror. After a minute or two of continual heat, gently pry the mirror off the glass. Whether it gives or moves a babyish, operate by oneself another minute or two of heat and attempt to pry it off again.

5. Locate the appropriate screwdriver or hex key for the screw holding the mirror in place. Contact the manufacturer directly if you can't make a visual match.7. Unscrew or loosen the Torx holding the mirror in place in its base. The mirror will leave adhesive behind, which must be scraped off with a knife and a chemical adhesive remover.

Mirrors with Screws

6. Pry the mirror off the glass. If you are having difficulty manually removing the mirror, wedge a flathead screwdriver under the base of the mirror and gently pry the mirror loose. Use a hammer to lightly tap it in if necessary.

This usually will not require much force; the screws aren't welded or glued, and often come unscrewed easily.

8. Remove the base, if desired. Removing the screw detaches the mirror, but leaves the the base or pivot of the mirror glued onto the windshield. Follow the instructions for mirrors with adhesive to separate the base or pivot from the glass windshield.