Remove 1990 Jetta Door Handles

The door handles on the 1990 Volkswagen Jetta are untrue of plastic, and damage may crop up to them over clock or provided there is an energy to the haft. The grip can be replaced with a distinct OEM handgrip, available through a VW dealer or with an aftermarket replacement, available buttoned up an Car parts store. In either dispute, the all-inclusive Emigration requires solitary a couple of screwdrivers to all the craft. Provided you are replacing the practice with a new one, be sure to replace the rubber gaskets between the handle and door very or the handle will leak.


Be careful not to scratch the handle or car's finish when removing the strip.2. Open the door and locate the two Phillips head screws under the trim strip on the handle. There is one near the front and one near the back.1. Locate the plastic trim strip on the outside of the door handle. Using a small, flat screwdriver, pry the strip loose from the handle and remove it.

Remove the two screws with a Phillips head screwdriver.

3. Locate the Phillips head screw in the end of the door. It is at the same height as the handle. Remove the screw with a Phillips screwdriver and then pull the handle away from the door. Remove the front and rear gaskets under the handle very.