Receive Your Driving History In Mississippi

A driving case indicates any reported accidents or citations. Reported incidents can prevent you from getting a activity or can elevate your insurance rates. The Mississippi Branch of Regular Safety is duty-bound for adding all reported incidents to a Chauffeur's transcribe. You can assortment a driving write in Mississippi whether you are the mortal listed on the case or hog the consent of the male listed. Chauffeur records can be ordered online, in adult or by dispatch.



1.7. Submit the completed form(s) and payment to the Drivers License office representative or by mail. If submitting the form in person, show your driver's license.

Pay the fee for the driving record. As of 2011, the fee is $11. You must pay with a debit or credit card.

4. View and print the driving record, if you want a copy of it. Once you leave the page, you will not be able to re-view your record. To avoid paying twice, print it out.

In Person or By Mail

5. Complete the "Driver Records Request" form. Enter the name, driver license number, and date of birth of the driver. Select the reason why you're requesting the record. If you're not the person listed on the record, you must have the driver complete the "Consent to Release Records" form. The driver must have the form notarized. Both forms are available at a local driver's license office or online (see Resources).

6. Write out a check or money order for $11 (as of 2011) to the "Department of Public Safety." If you are requesting the record in person, you can pay with cash.

Hardihood to the Mississippi Branch of Usual Safety's "Shop for Engine Vehicle Transcribe" folio online (study Mode).2. Enter your Chauffeur's licence cipher, behind fame, ahead epithet and date of birth into the corresponding fields.3. If mailing the form, send the form to the address indicated at the bottom.