Purchase A Vehicle

When you pay for a used or distinct van, you'll devoir to figure absent ways to invest in the vehicle in classification to assume ownership. You hog diverse different traditional options besides as more inventive ways to make your vehicle purchase.


1. Obtain a car the old fashioned way. If you want to obtain a car in the standard manner, you can make payment in the form of cash, credit or auto loan.

2. Get another type of loan. Exchange vehicles or other merchandise. Offer up your current car and some cash or other type of goods you have available to the seller. She may accept the items in lieu of traditional cash payment.

Run a yard sale or online garage sale. To accumulate cash for a car, you can auction off or sell your stuff. Check out Frimp and use their free online yard sale services to raise money to obtain a car.

4. Trade your services. If you don't have any money for a car, but have a needed skill, approach individual car sellers about a possible trade. For instance, the seller may give you the car in exchange for landscaping services for the year.

5. If you're not buying from a dealership, you may need to take out a personal or home equity loan to purchase the car. Compare the interest rates of each loan until you find the lowest monthly payment. Apply for these types of loan through a bank.3.