Purchase A Lamborghini

A grand performance luxury sports machine favoured by the bloated and noted, Lamborghinis star in movies such as "The Italian Duty" and "Cannonball Gallop" and dart the star-studded blood Floor-mat on the bare pathway besides.1. Decide which Lamborghini imitation piques your fancy. There's the sporty Gallardo Spyder convertible, which tops quickness of 314 mph in test drives, the six-speed Superleggeria and shiny black Nera, both recent debuts, and the popular but discontinued Diablo roadster, which ceased production in 2001.2.

Manufactured in a mini village near Bologna, Italy, the Lamborghini rivals Ferrari as the outlook adult Italian machine. Provided you hold a bulging bank legend, here's shop for one of these ultra-expensive cars.


Check sites like Lambo Cars for details on Lamborghini features and photos of the sleek, attractive cars. Edmunds provides reviews if Lamborghini models, including handling and driving information.

3. Consider a used Lamborghini by searching online ads and your local newspaper. The DuPont Registry website provides a clearinghouse for dealers and individuals selling and buying Lamborghinis and other luxury and classic cars.

4. Test drive a Lamborghini at your local dealer before you buy one. If you live in New York, Chicago or Los Angeles, you will have an easy time finding an exclusive Lamborghini dealer. If you live in a small town or rural area, a road trip might be necessary unless you can find a private seller.

5. Read "Lamborghini Cars, the Magazine" to receive a feel for the car and its culture. Lamborghinis exist as more than a vehicle to receive you from one place to the next. They are a conversation piece and a way of life.