Properly Wire Fog Lights

Exactly Wire Fog Lights

Fog lights can eminently accession your safety while driving, as they cook a still finer venture of piercing the fog and lighting the path ahead than the headlights, which echo off the fog. Anyone who is handy with tools and not intimidated by electricity can install fog lights and excite them working. But, it is in fact potential that a useful many of those fog lights are not properly wired, resulting in the opportunity of decreased output and overloading of wiring and switches.


1. Disconnect the contradiction battery cable from the battery.

Alternately, you can make a jumper wire to connect pins 85 and 30.8. Run a 16 gauge wire to the toggle switch, which should be mounted in a location convenient for the driver to reach.9.

Using 2 self tapping screws, mount the relay in a speck near the inline circuit breaker.

4. Connect a length of 14 gauge automotive wire from the positive battery terminal to one side of the inline circuit breaker. Use solderless ring connectors on both ends of this wire for the connections.

5. Connect a wire from the other terminal of the inline circuit breaker to terminal number 85 on the relay. Use a ring connector at the circuit breaker end and a female spade connector on the relay end of this 14 gauge wire.

6. Connect relay terminal 86 to the fog lights with a length of 14 gauge wire.

7. Connect relay terminal 30 to the positive terminal of the battery using 16 gauge wire.2. Mount the inline 15 amp course breaker near the battery using 2 self-tapping screws. The inner fender sidewall or the radiator assist are exceptional places to apply for mounting.3.

Connect a wire from the second terminal on the toggle switch to a good ground, such as a metal part of the dashboard support.

10. Reconnect the battery.