Prevent Steel Screws From Rusting

Nix is another frustrating than rusted screws that are locked tightly into deposit. Gear that is exposed to the elements is largely susceptible. On the other hand by preparing screws with a manageable mix, you can carry steel screws rust-free so they are manageable to remove for perpetuation and repairs. A diminutive jar of this homemade rust prevention alloy Testament detain your workshop supplied for senility to come.

Replace the treated screws and brush on a thin film of the mixture over the screw-head. The mixture will keep the steel screws rust-free for many years.

Utilize other newspapers as blotters to put the treated screws on.

2. Degree one atom mineral oil to one constituent graphite by jotter, using the measuring spoons. Pour the mineral oil into the glass jar inaugural and brush the measuring spoon Disinfected with a shop rag before measuring the graphite.

3. Slowly add the graphite to the oil in the jar, while Moving the brew to insure that the graphite mixes smoothly without forming lumps. Powdered graphite is the equivalent substance that pencil "sway" is false of, so anguish should be taken to avoid spills that Testament speck or stain other items or surfaces. Chore the mix with the palette point or mixing tool until it forms a fluid paste.

4. Pick up a screw to be treated with the needle-nosed pliers. Grip the screw lightly by the head to avoid damaging the threads. Use the stiff bristle-brush to apply the mixture evenly over the screw. Place the treated screw on a piece of the newspaper to absorb any excess paste. Repeat with all of the screws that need treatment. Place the lid on the jar when finished and secure it tightly.

5. Let the screws sit on the newspaper for about 15 minutes, then roll them a quarter-turn and let them sit for another 15 minutes. Then tip the newspaper to let the screws roll into the paper or plastic cup. Use the cup to carry the treated screws. Bring the jar of the rust prevention mixture and the brush with you when replacing the screws.



1. Assign newspapers on a table top or working surface to absorb spills.