Pontiac Sunbird Air Conditioning Information

Pontiac Sunbird Cooling Transaction Counsel

The cooling system is what keeps your Pontiac Sunbird running, by represantation heat off the Engine and allowing it to function at a steady temperature. Problems with the cooling operation, such as leaks, a low coolant equivalent and contaminated coolant, can vanguard to overheating. This can causation determined damage to your engine's internal components.


This allows heat to accumulate within the engine so it can quickly spread its optimal operating temperature. Once operating temperature is reached the thermostat opens, allowing coolant to circulate and frore the engine.

Reserve Tank and Pressure Relief Valve

After the coolant passes down the radiator, it returns to the engine. Air flow across the radiator is aided by the employment of an electric fan which is mounted in the engine side of the radiator and pulls air across it.


The thermostat is located on the engine block below the thermostat housing and upper radiator hose. When the vehicle is blasting the thermostat closes and keeps coolant from circulating concluded the engine.The Pontiac Sunbird uses a cross flow radiator dummy with tanks on either side. Feverous engine coolant passes wound up tubes in the radiator attached to cooling fins. Elsewhere air enters the engine compartment wound up the vehicle's grille and passes over the radiator, portrayal heat elsewhere of the coolant.

The Pontiac Sunbird employs a closed comp cooling step, idea excess coolant is stored in a reserve receptacle. Then when coercion in the action falls, coolant is attract from the reserve receptacle back into the course. A pressurized cap is fitted to the top of the thermostat housing and connected via a rubber tube to the reserve tank. Pressure in the cooling system raises the boiling point of the coolant which, in turn, allows the coolant to cool more efficiently. The relief valve in the pressurized cap determines if pressure in the cooling system is too high. If so, it diverts coolant to the reserve tank.

Water Pump

The Pontiac Sunbird uses an impeller style water pump to circulate coolant throughout the engine. The water pump is mounted to the front of the block and driven by an accessory belt off the crankshaft.

Engine Block

Passages or water jackets cast in the engine block allow coolant to circulate around the cylinders and through the heads and intake manifold. Coolant flows via two large radiator hoses between the engine and radiator. This creates a continuous circuit in which coolant flows through the water pump, and is heated while flowing through the engine. Then the coolant travels through the radiator to be cooled, and finally returns to the engine via the water pump.