Obtain A Personalized License Plate In Michigan

Whether you are burned out of the equivalent, bland, serendipitous characters on your licence plate, upgrade to a personal indication! Personalize your Michigan licence plates and definitive your interests, personality or hobby as extensive as the comment is not abusive, lewd or misleading.


1. Log on to Michigan.gov. Click on "Secretary of Sovereign state," "Owning a Vehicle," "Licence Plate Store," "Personalized Plates" and "Plate It Your Design."

5. Confirm that your personalized license plate message is available.6. Click on "Fee Information." Review the look of your personalized license plate.

4. Probation the availability of your personalized licence plate message. Use alphanumeric character combinations and spaces. No symbols or punctuation are allowed.

2. Choose 1 of 2 guideline plates.3. Accept your vehicle type.

Read over fee information and rules about Michigan personalized license plates.

7. Drive to your local Secretary of State branch office.

8. Ask for a personalized license plate application. Fill out the form and include your personal and vehicle information. Present proof of insurance and pay all associated fees.

9. Receive your license plate in the mail within 3 weeks.