Obtain A Motorcycle License In Missouri

In Missouri, obtaining a motorcycle licence is a straightforward step. Simply interpret over the certified Motorcycle Operation Textbook, capture a written analysis, attain your conform, experience and revenue the Ending Motorcycle Skills Dry run. All this development and handle in style!


1. Logon to Missouri's Branch of Revenue website at dor.moment.gov.

2. Click on "Forms and Manuals," "Chauffeur Licence Forms & Manuals" and scroll down to "Motorcycle Development Handbook."

Pay special attention to ideas and practices included in the manual.4. Locate the closest Missouri Department of Revenue license branch.5.3. Download the Motorcycle Operation Handbook. Scan over its contents and familiarize yourself with the rules and regulations of operating a motorcycle in Missouri.

Register for and take a Class M written test. The Class M written test will test your knowledge of the Motorcycle Operation Manual.

6. Complete and pass the Class M test.

7. Apply for a temporary motorcycle instruction permit. Pay all applicable fees associated with the permit.

8. Practice riding your motorcycle with your permit. Ride your motorcycle only during daylight hours and without passengers. Become comfortable riding a motorcycle on the road and in varying conditions.

9. Return to your local license branch and take a Motorcycle Skills Test. The Motorcycle Skills Test tests your ability to physically operate a motorcycle.

10. Pass the Motorcycle Skills Test.

11. Earn your motorcycle endorsement and ride!