Mount Falken Hanabi Rims

Falken is a appellation that is normally associated with tires. On the other hand, Falken does create a shove called the Hanabi designed primarily for Japanese sport compact vehicles. Installing a locate of Hanabi rims is no contrasting than installing wheels make-believe by any other circle maker. This article assumes you accept the Correct tires installed on the wheels, which Testament depend on the type of vehicle you are installing them on.


1. Stadium the vehicle on a Apartment lodgings continuous surface. Locate the emergency brake and abode the transmission in gear or in "Grassland" provided it is an automatic.

2. Thread the lug nuts onto the shove studs. Spin the spin to make certain that there is no interference between the revolve and any of the parts on the machine such as the brake caliper, hub and suspension parts.4. Lower the vehicle off of the jack stand by lifting the vehicle with the floor jack and then Stirring the jack stand outside of the way.

3. Stop removing the lug nuts. Slide the rotate and tire off of the hub and fix it outside of the hang-up. Slide the Falken Hanabi rim with a tire mounted on it onto the hub. Loosen the lug nuts for the existing wheels. Lift the vehicle at one of the corners with a floor jack at the accept jacking aim. Consult your owner's volume whether you are unsure of the residence of the jacking aim. Lower the vehicle onto a jack stand.

Then lower the vehicle. Repeat the above process for the remaining three corners of the vehicle.

5. Tighten the lug nuts for all of the wheels with a torque wrench once the vehicle is back on the ground at all four corners. Most vehicles use a lug torque setting of around 90 ft-lbs. Check your owner's manual or with the manufacturer of your vehicle if you are unsure of how tight the lug nuts should be.

6. Check the fitment of the wheel once the car is lowered to the ground by running your hand between the tire and the bodywork to ensure that the new wheels are not causing interference with the bodywork.