Mazda Miata Top Instructions

The MX-5 or Miata is a lightweight sporty two-seat roadster manufactured by Mazda. All Miatas come sample with a convertible top. While some models keep a convertible top that you must manually retract, others come equipped with an electronic Engine that allows you to easily lower the top by urgent a Press-stud. If your Miata has a volume or electronic top, properly operating the convertible circumstance of the vehicle is a no problem development.


Lower the Convertible Top

1. Objective the vehicle on a comparable surface. Lower the windows enclosing one inch or and and practice the parking brake.

2. Press and occupation the "Proceeds" Press-stud, located near the front of the top between the sun visors. The "Proceeds" Press-stud is directly to the honest of the top Proceeds bolt.

3. Pull the top Proceeds fastening In relation to the rear of the vehicle to unlatch the convertible top.

4. Grasp the top using the handles directly carry on the sun visors and pull the top In relation to the rear of the vehicle until it locks in abode, provided your Miata is equipped with a album convertible top.

Press and Celebrate the "Dehiscent" Press-stud, directly to the left of the hazard Press-stud on the sprint until the top opens and locks in community, provided your Miata is equipped with a bent retractable top.

5. Lift the wind blocker, located between the seats. The wind blocker is a plastic flap that prevents wind from rushing into the ajar top.

Raising the Convertible Top

6. Stop the vehicle on a level surface. Lower the windows approximately one inch or more and apply the parking brake.

7. Fold the wind blocker down.Press and hold the "Close" button, directly to the right of the hazard button on the dash until the top closes, if your Miata is equipped with a power retractable top.10. Fold the release latch forward until it audibly clicks, indicating that the convertible top is in the locked position.

Note that this applies only to vehicles with a manual convertible top; if yours is equipped with a power retractable top, skip this step.

9. Grasp the top handles and pull towards the front of the vehicle to raise the top, if your Miata is equipped with a manual convertible top.

It is located between the seats against the top.8. Pull the unlock lever, directly below the wind blocker, to unlock the convertible top.